Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Facebook Thought

So I decided to thin out my Facebook and LinkedIn connections a little bit.  While I'm still having trouble pulling the trigger on a few people, I have already noticed that each time I unfriend even a small group of acquaintance-pseudo-friends, I suddenly see posts from people I haven't seen posts from in years.

It would seem that the goofy algorithms that Facebook uses to determine what you see are impacted by random things.  I know that many of my friends aren't seeing my posts and vice versa.  I've long suspect that it's even more diabolical than that.  I believe the algorithms cause Person A to see Person B posts, but Person B doesn't see Person A posts, causing them to eventually break about because Person A thinks B is a jerk for not interacting with them.

The LinkedIn thinning is because I have a lot of random recruiters who only connected because they believed they could place me somewhere and have really done nothing for me.  LinkedIn was probably a good resource once upon a time but like everything else, it has become saturated with too many people trying to use it for purposes it wasn't intended. 

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