Thursday, April 14, 2016

Law firm memories

The reason the Rules of the Road work isn't that they are a well thought out plan for driving.  They work because everyone, more or less, follows them.  Sure there are people who roll through stop lights and run stale red lights but for the most part everyone follows them.  If they didn't, there would be chaos.  imagine if everyone followed their own version of the Rules of the Road?  I'm not talking the absence of RotR, I'm talking everyone has a different copy (or maybe there are 20 different copies and you don't know which one someone is using until they reveal it).

That's how life at BigName Lawfirm 1.0 was when I was a paralegal.  Everything was very ad hoc, with few defined processes or procedures.  There was very little oversight, collaboration or desire for continuous improvement.

Sometimes a new person would start and realize just how different here was from whatever there they had come from.  Over the years I've worked at other places, some great, some that had their own special brand of dysfunction.  Even so, each place has been a step up from the BS at BigName Lawfirm 1.0.  Probably due to a combination of Corporate America has made some shifts over the years and also my skill and ability now afford me better paying jobs at better companies.

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