Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Binge Watching

Since Moose and Squirrel arrived, we haven't been able to keep up with our favorite shows like we use to pre-kiddies.  Actually, that's not 100% accurate.  It wasn't until the bedtime ritual expanded to include longer bath time and book reading along with one or both kids fighting sleep that our evening freetime shrank.

I started Binge Watching WestWorld, although when you consider that the episodes are longer than an hour and I could only fit one, maybe 2, in per night, it's stretching the definition of binge watching.

Now that that is done, I'm working on The Expanse and Dark Matters.  These are shorter length episodes and I was originally gonna watch an episode of each, as if I were watching TV shows old school.  However, with season two of the Expanse coming in Feb, I decided to finish that one first (halfway there) and then finish up Dark Matters.

Update:  I actually finished watching Expanse and am quiet pleased with it.  A lot of information is thrown at you and I did have to rewind at times.  But luckily there are online synopsis that recap the episode and provide additional details I missed so that I don't have to re-watch an entire episode.  Based on the online comments, the series is more or less true to the books.  

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