Saturday, May 20, 2017

Replacing ugly window treatment, one room at a time

I was never in love with the window treatments that came with this house.  Most of it was of the "eh, it will do" variety, with occasionally patches of WTF were you thinking?   I've since replaced the ugly pink blinds in our bedroom with cordless blinds that do a decent job of keeping the light out.
Luckily our bedroom windows face East so there isn't much light to worry about on the occasions that we get to sleep in.

In the kids room, which they have not slept in for over a month now, the blinds that are over the changing table got broke somehow.  I imagine it was a combination of them being cheap, and years of my kids grabbing at them while being changed.  Anywho, I had to replace the one and because you have to have matching treatment on all windows, I had to also buy a replacement for the perfectly functional one on the other window. 

Unfortunately, the woodwork in this house, specifically upstairs is very hard (insert your own joke here).  You have to predrill with a bit much larger than you would think and you can still risk stripping a screw or breaking a drill bit. 

My fantasy was to simply hire some store to replace and install all the window treatment at once.  But since we likely aren't staying here forever, that will change to only replace what is necessary.  I suspect I will do the heavy blinds in the kitchen but otherwise all the curtains should be sufficient and there will be no love lost when we leave them behind.


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