Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quick Kiddo Update

So for some time now Natasha has been using the potty and is out of diapers.  I should have recorded it sooner but it has been a couple of months now.  She has most of the mechanics down and only wets herself in situations where she gets excited and forgets to tell us she needs to go.

Boris uses the potty at school but rarely at home.  Still we have seen a significant savings in diapers and diaper genie refills.  If we can get Boris on board we might be able to divert that money back to our retirement funds, or at least have a nice dinner out some evening. 

On the other hand, they have stopped sleeping in their room altogether and sleep either with us or in the guest bedroom, usually one in each.  So much so that we  are seriously converting the nursery back into my office.

We use to put the kids to bed and then come back downstairs to decompress, possibly watch a show and/or get ready for the morning.  Now we have had to go to bed with them.  

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