Friday, September 22, 2017

First day of Autumn 2017

In the coming weeks I am really hoping to do some major purging at home.  The in-laws will be in town for Moose and Squirrel's 3rd birthday party.  They are going to take a crap ton of baby stuff for SIL who is pregnant.  That should clear up some space in the attic to create a play area that the kids can hang out in (supervised) for a few hours on cold winter days).

I also found somebody who is interested in the bookcase and my old queen bed.  The only catch is I have to deliver and ordinarily I'd be like M'mmm nope.  But she lives 2 miles from us and is a cancer survivor so I can cut her some slack.
Some creative rearranging

I've had that bed for 20 years and some odd months.  I got it as a Christmas present to myself because previously I had a full size which just wasn't good for a single guy.  The only reason I had the full was the bedroom in my first apartment had a radiator against the South wall which prevented me from having a bigger bed.  There was no way to orient a bed any other way either because there was a closet and bathroom door against the West wall and the entrance door against North Wall.

Once these items are out of the house, I get my home office back.  The advantage of that is that I can work from home a bit more and also our living room will have more room for the kid's toys and crap.  Not that I cannot WFH now but it would be nice to have a separate room away from everything, especially when my mom lingers before going home for a few hours or the weekend.


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