Friday, October 27, 2017

I still love them

I have been late to work every day this week.  In fact, most days I'm between 10 and 30 minutes late.  All because of my douche nugget kids.  They won't go to bed on time so they are tired and don't want to wake up in the morning.  Even when one of them is more or less cooperative, the other one decides to put up a fight.  And we are already tired and sleep exhausted from 3 years of sleep deprivation.

It's no one's fault. It's no one's fault. It's no one's fault.  But it is what is going on right now.   Daycare is only half a mile from the house, it's a 5 minute drive and a 10 minute ordeal to get them inside, use the potty, go through the usually good bye ritual.  Unless Natasha is feeling clingy.  Then we are there for an extra few minutes that I know I'll want back when she's a teenager who cannot stand to be around me but at the moment  I need to catch a train. 

I get so angry.  Not at my kids taking too long to get ready in the morning.  I mean I get angry about that too.  But I'm already angry from 673 other things that I hold in so that a trivial thing just breaks the camel's back. I'd love to burn off some steam by going for a run but hey, my WFH mornings get shot to hell because I spend so my time struggling with them and then taking them to daycare.   I like to run before work so that I get it out of the way and I can use my "lunch hour" to run much needed errands.

Then there is my mom.  She is always here, especially on my WFH day.  She will eventually leave for a few hours or the weekend, but by the time she does, my morning, when I am most creative and productive is over.  It's not that I cannot do things while she is here, it's just that she puts her nose in my business and is in the way.  And somehow it seems more efficient to waste time reading the internet in the morning and using the afternoon daylight to get stuff done around the house. 

On that note, I need to remember next year that this time is too late to be putting garden and yard things away for the winter.  Do it a week or two earlier and if the weather is unseasonable warm afterwards, so be it.

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