Friday, February 23, 2018

Tuff and Needle Matress Two Years later

I didn't even remember I had wrote about the new mattress until I got a form letter email soliciting that I do something to help someone else, without any benefit to myself.

It might be a coincidence but pretty much from the day the new mattress arrived, the kids stopped sleeping in their cribs and began sleeping with us.  I tried removing the railing and turning their cribs into a makeshift toddler bed.  The novelty of that lasted about a week.  Then I bought them their bunk bed, which also was cool for about a week.  They have slept with us pretty much for the last two years.

Sometimes I take one kid into the guest bed, which has been moved to their old nursery, nee my old office.  Sometimes both of them come along.

the winter is in retreat, with the usual skirmishes as it does so this time of year.  Good thing too because my electric snow thrower bit the dust a few weeks ago.

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