Monday, July 1, 2019

The 2nd Half of 2019 begins

With this post, we start the second half of 2019.  The first half was the first half of 2019 was, for me. exhausting, stressful and not altogether fun at all.

Generally speaking, years that end in 9 are not awesome for me.  I usually experience an uptick in Unfortunate Events.  In 1999 I had my Year of Hell. In 2009, I lost fiance 1.0 although it worked out with meeting Nightingale and having awesomeness flow ever since.  It is 2019 and I expect things will suck for a bit until they improve.  At the moment, things are not going well at the office.

I did learn how to do a few things I never thought I'd do around the house.  I installed a new toilet. I planted and grew sod.  I'm about to replace the Through-the-Wall AC unit in the bedroom.  And I'm going to take a stab at replacing the broken railing on our porch flat roof.

This will involve a lot of power washing to strip the loose paint.  Then I will likely have to use wire brushes and hand sanders to remove some more paint and get the wood ready for paint.   I will need my MIL help to replace the decayed boards.  Then  I will paint it.

Update:  upon closer inspection, the post in the picture is rotting, much more work involved than just replacing a few boards.  The good news is that this railing isn't drilled into the roof and can easily be removed.  The house won't look as pretty but it's an inexpensive fix and any money we save on one item, we get to spend on another.

Also, I"m back to my driver's license weight 205 lbs.  I think I can get back to 200 if I focus and lay off the hot wings.

I'm 11 miles shy of the halfway mark for MPD goal.  Honestly, this is annoying, not because I cannot do it but because I'm back to following a training schedule which was one of the things I liked least about marathon training.

Let's see how the second half of the year turns out.


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