Monday, November 25, 2019

MPD November Update

On Sunday, November 24th, I ran the Lincolnwood Turkey Trot, as I often have, on and off, for the last two decades.  I thought I had signed up for the 5K so that I would be done in time for the kids' Drumstick Dash, but evidently, I picked the 10K instead.  I ran it with Na, whose kids stayed with Nightingale and our kids.

Although I ran the 10K distance, Strava claims I did 7.5 so I'm going with that number instead.  There was a lot of walking back and forth to the cars.

Update:  As expected, I didn't run much the rest of November.  I did a run on Tuesday which was harder than it should have been so I decided to give myself the rest of the month off, especially since we had company over the holidays.

According to my stats, I have 25 miles to go with 29 days left (as of Dec 2).  Not a difficult number to achieve baring any unusual activity.  If I just ran 1 mile per day at the track after dropping off Moose and Squirrel to pre-K, I'd certainly put a dent in that 25 and then only need a few miles over Christmas Vacation to put it to bed.

The thing about a goal like this is I'm back to being married to a training schedule.  There are days when I have other things that need to be done, especially around the house.  Mowing the lawn, watering the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow.

I think for 2020 I'll go with not having a goal.  I'll just run when and if I feel like it and not worry about hitting a mileage goal. 

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