Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Two changes at the Icarus Compound

Two things I forgot to write about (thus I'm retro-posting this) two changes in our life.  First,  the decision to send our kids to parochial school for kindergarten.  With COVID requiring public schools to be online, Nightingale felt, rightfully so, that I wouldn't be able to handle keeping the kids engaged with schoolwork while simultaneously job hunting and managing the household.  

First Day of School, last week of August

We enrolled them in St John's Lutheran school which is about a half-mile from our house.  Drop off is even easier than at Belding, which was easier than Daycare.  I imagine drop off at Belding would have been easier for kindergarten than pre-K before COVID.  Not having to go inside a building or even walk someone to the door is just easier.

Pickup is a little tougher.  If I go at 3pm, I'm waiting for 20 minutes.  If I go at 3:15, I'm waiting for 10 minutes.  If I go at 3:20, surprise they got out early and are waiting for me in the playground.  Also, you still have douche bag parents who park in such a dickish manner that it behooves you to get there a little early.

It took no time at all before the kittens made themselves at home, as kittens do

The second change was the addition of two kittens as presents for Boris and Natasha's 6th birthday.  We got these cuties the weekend after the twins' birthday when the kittens were about three months old.  The kids named them Elsa and Ryder and it turns out Boris is highly allergic.  We are keeping them though, both the kids and the kittens.


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