Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A little late to the steps game

Recently, reluctantly, I enabled the step counting or tracking features of my iPhone.  In my running heyday, I never cared about getting in a certain amount of steps per day (and it wasn't a thing that I recall anyway) because I knew that even my easy mileage would knock out 10K steps.  not to mention going over it so much that my rest days would be covered as well.

Alas, I'm not running as much yearly as I use to do weekly.  According to Strava, I've run just over 20 miles this year, and the bulk of that came in October when I decided to do a virtual 10K.  The Michael Meyer's Virtual run.

This step tracking comes in conjunction with the purchase of a new scale.  It's fancy.  It tracks all the stats, except maybe one or two that you'd need an even higher-priced version.  Anyway, the first time I step on the scale, Dec 1, I weighed in at 220 lbs.  Five days later, without doing any exercise or diet modification, I was at 216 lbs but went back up though never reaching 220 again.  With some intentional running, walking, and eating modifications, I've managed to hit a low of 213 lbs.  Weight fluctuates.

Back to the steps.  Nightingale agrees with me that the steps probably aren't accurate unless you are wearing a Fitbit or Apple Watch or other such devices.  Most mornings I do the same thing in the first hour of the day.  Fetch coffee from the kitchen, feed the cats, and pace the house while getting Moose and Squirrel up and to the breakfast table.  Yet the difference is astounding.  one day I hit 1000 steps by 8 am, the next it's only 500.  Today it was 2000 but that's because Friday is garbage day and i have to walk our cans down the driveway to the road.  Granted some days I forget to carry my phone with me all the time so I miss a lot of steps.


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