Friday, February 11, 2022

What a week

Steps: so for the last month or so, I've managed to hit 10K steps every day with the exception of days when the kids were home and the weather was not conducive to being outside.  There was also at least one day where I got close (8700) and I honestly believe it is more a case of not having my tracking device with me at all times than missing the mark.  NG and I go on walks and usually get at least two, sometimes three laps around the subdivision which nets a good 4500 steps right there.  There have been a few days where I've reached 15K steps as well.

I also do get some running in.  In 2022 I've run 16 miles, which is more than half what I logged for 2021.  

Weight:  My weight is trending down and orbiting the 210 mark.  I'm hopeful that I can get it down to at least 205 by the end of February.

it reads 207.9 lbs

Dry January:  We made it to Day 22 of Dry January.  Honestly, I was only going to go until Jan 28 and then celebrate the end of my contract with the Lunatic PM.  I didn't really notice a difference between Day 2 and Day 22 and that is likely my eastern European DNA being able to process alcohol better than it should.  

Contracts:   speaking of the project from contract got extended to March 18th.  OF course, no one told me it was extended.  I only found out by logging into the Consulting Firm website and seeing it under Contract Transparency.   There is an option to discuss your end date and I clicked but no response so far (24/48 hrs, it's been two weeks).

I'm not sure why my contract was extended.  First of all, the amount of work we've had over the last two weeks would be equal to one really busy day if we lumped it all together.  Second, the PM and I obviously would prefer a divorce so why not just keep the other consultant and adjust his hours?

Finally, something like this isn't sustainable.  I mean considering we were dropped down to 30 hours, I suppose it's good insurance to have two people available for TASKS that attorneys might need at a drop of a hat, but could be done much cheaper if lawyers could just get over themselves.

The PM is annoying me but this is a sweet gig from the standpoint of I am getting paid to do little to nothing and it is sanctioned and approved.  It won't last forever but I should enjoy the revenue stream while I can.


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