Friday, May 13, 2022

The Hot Weather Arrives

I completed another spin around the sun last weekend.  We were going to go get a steak dinner but we had spent Friday and Saturday morning "Peopling" and the thought of getting cleaned up and going out didn't appeal to me.  Plus we had a big Mother's Day dinner on Sunday, which required getting up early to get a table, so neither Stay-at-Home Days were sleep-in days.  We will have a raincheck later this month.  

I'm at the point where all I want for my birthday is minimal acknowledgment from family and friends.  We emphasize for our kids and try to make sure their birthdays are memorable, but otherwise, I guess I'm over it.

The contract gig ended last Friday.  I'm simultaneously relieved and a little discombobulated because I'm so used to a routine, insane as it was.  I was half expecting a last-minute, can you please stall on one more week, but I suspect the PM mismanagement of the project led to pulling the plug and letting the internal team handle the rest.

Of course just as I got a job when Nightingale ended hers, her new job started on Monday.  So our plans to explore Memphis while the kids are in school are once again put on hold.

Also, the weather is now starting to heat up so many of the projects I want to do around here require doing as much as I can before the midday heat sets in.  In another month or so, it will be too hot to do anything during the day.  

I've got the attached garage as organized as I can.  In a perfect world I would have been able to completely empty it out, and then put things in a logical position while simultaneously installing ceiling racks and even epoxy painting the floor.  unfortunately, life didn't roll that way so I had to retrofit as space became available.


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