Monday, April 3, 2023

Counting the Steps update

Last month I managed to get my 2nd best month of steps.  I got 27 out of 31.  It turns out my best month was the first month I started this thing when I got 29 out of 31.  Since then I'm averaging missing 4-8 days per month because of weather, sick kids, or something else that prevents me from getting off my butt.

Getting 10K steps a day isn't gonna help me with my weight loss goals.  I actually need to get two or three times that if I'm gonna limit it to walking.  

Also, the first two days of April I only got in about 5K.  Mostly because I was hit with a virus of some type.  Maybe a mild case of COVID but we did not test.  I've had all my shots and Nightingale believes it was more likely allergies.  I'm not certain but whatever.

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