Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wish I had shared these sooner

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't:  At the low-rent consulting company (C2) I worked at many years ago, one of my Menace's unoffical functions was to make sure you were always second guessing yourself.

Let's say you walked into ABC client's office at 10 am.  You get to the server room and see that the servers are literally on fire.  It's now 10:01 am.  If you try to put the fires out and then call when the fires are contained, let's say 10:06am, my Menace would say "why didn't you call me as soon as you discovered the servers were on fire?"  

Now let's go back in our magic time machine and go back to 10:01 am (no need to go back before the fire and prevent it for the purposes of this example).  You see that the servers are on fire and you call the office to let them know. Menace:   "Well have you tried putting the fires out?"

Conversation with former co-worker last night on Instant Messenger:

CO-WORKER27: so how's it going?
CO-WORKER27: like it?
CO-WORKER27: better than C2?

ICARUS: it's going good.
ICARUS: but so far, it's been orientation and training...the real work begins tomorrow.

CO-WORKER27: ooooooh.

ICARUS: however, I suspect that my worse day at this law firm will be better than my best day at C2.

CO-WORKER27: no Menace like types?

ICARUS: My Menace is unique breed...the last one like her was killed when Dorothy threw a bucket of water on her

CO-WORKER27: OMG! that was hilarious!

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