Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Overall this weekend didn't suck

Bingo and Beer, what could go wrong?
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This weekend started out a little rough but ended on a very good note. My sleep patterns have been out of whack for the last several weeks and it finally took its tool. I didn't get up Saturday to join the CARA marathon training group. 

Since I'm only leading a half marathon group and anyone who runs at an 8:30 mm pace is going to be fine running with the marathon group, I didn't think it was the worst decision I've made recently. Still, I felt guilty because I can use the mileage.

Instead we slept in and then hit the neighborhood yard sale. We got out of the house much later than I wanted so we probably missed out on any super awesome finds. But we did manage to score an electric lawn mover which may or may not die after a few uses for $5. I also scored this peg board for $2 which went up in the garage and now holds as many rakes as it possibily can. Cannot recall whatever we bought but we definitely did our part to spread the wealth we don't have.

These will eventually live on
our front porch
We checked out BBQ fest for about 30 minutes on Saturday and happened by a resale shop that had some wicker chairs Nightingale liked enough that we purchased, after getting the owner to drop the price a bit.

Saturday evening we went to Logan Bar to watch the blackhawks game with K&J. Originally we were supposed to have a picnic in Pritzker Pavilion but J wanted to see the game and K&J have already done several of those this week.

What was an otherwise pleasant evening out with another couple was somewhat marred by the waitress coming back to our table and outright asking if we stiffted her on the tip because it was short $20. First we didn't stiff her. We put in a 20% tip but when she brought back the check, a $20 appeared to be missing. Did one of us forget to include it? Or did waitress pull a fast one and make an extra $20 off a table that was there all night?

Our back door had come off the hinges in two places. This seemed to occur the exact week that I happened to give two separate people spare keys to our house. However, it looks like the culprit was the small (1 inch) screws that whoever installed the door used.
I went to the local hardware store and got some 2" screws. I wanted to get enough for the door hinges as well as the part that attaches to the doorway, but the 2" is apparently too big for the jam, so we are sticking with the 1" for now.

We also invited some friends over Sunday to check out BBQ Fest and hang out at our place under our new deck umbrella that we had to buy because the sun beats down on our uncovered deck like no one's business.  Nightingale wanted to get people to come spend time and perhaps a little money at a fest in our hood in hopes of increasing it's draw power.  I figured this is a good beta test for a what a bigger scale cookout sometime this summer.

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