Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The scale really does lie, depending upon where it lay

202.5 lbs

204.6 lbs when scale moved
just 1 inch

Yes I know, shame on me for posting pics of my ugly hairly legs.  I like to weigh myself second thing in the morning (after my first coffee and constitution) and I've confirmed that where I put the scale does seem to impact my weight results.  By as much as 2 lbs apparently.

I would also like to note here that today while driving to work I noticed that I felt like I had a touch more energy and the desire to work out.  I believe it is because yesterday after work I went to the gym in my office building and in addition to running 4.5 miles on the dreadmill (1 mile warmup, 3.5 run), I also got in some weight lifting.  I was able to do this because Nightingale was going to be coming home late so there was no pressure to rush home to see her like I usually do.

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