Friday, August 9, 2013

Saved myself $46

Like everyone else, I get these alerts from amazon based on something I bout once upon a time.  Today I got this.   I thought it was something I could use but the price tag seems too high.

Lo and behold! While out bike riding, I happened upon this on curb.  It was apparent that they were getting rid of it and I had to make quick decision.  Do I go home and get the Element and hope this is still here?  Instead I grabbed it and rode home, carrying it one-handed while steering my bike with the other hand.

The yard is starting to get a little White Trashy


  1. We could use it for our garage. ;)

    1. My mom has claimed first dibs. However, if that doesn't work out, it's yours.

  2. How was it apparent that they were getting rid of it? Bc it's sitting in their driveway outside their garage?

    Are you sure they were done w it as opposed to organizing their garage?

    I did get put my barely functioning inkjet in a alley a while ago and it was gone in 30 min.

    Also, if these captchas get any more difficult I won't be able to comment any longer.

    As ever,

  3. It was on the street at the end of their driveway, basically where people who are landlocked and don't have alleys put their garbage cans to be picked up. If they were organizing their garage they probably wouldn't have place this tool organizer 100 yards away.

    Sorry about the captchas, I'm limited to what blogger offers me. you could always register an account through one of the drop down.


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