Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Knees, Double Dates and Headboards

Couple Dates have to be special to make them happen:  Now and then I get a "request" from a friend who wants to do a double date with Nightingale and me. It's not an unusual thing in and of itself. Many married or coupled peeps want to do things with other couples. Especially if they've been banished from the Realm of Singles

The weirdness comes when the request is from someone I either know only casually or barely know outside the context of some group or organization. Or even someone I've never really hung out with when I was flying solo. These things have to occur organically, you cannot force them.

A group leader without a group: I volunteered to be a CARA group leader again, this time for a half Marathon group.   Alas, there is no one in my group.  It seems people who run at 8:30 mm or faster do not sign up for formal training and those that do, run a tad slower.  So this just gives me the option to show up or not in August when it is hot, hot, humid hot.

Of course I might not last that long. After Saturday's run my knee felt tweaky* the rest of the afternoon.  I'm not sure if it was because I had only run once last week and three times in the last two weeks or if I had bothered my poor long dormant miniscus.  The tweakiness* felt like it did in the years preceding my lascerated miniscus and so the mind convinces you something is up.

When I work up Sunday, my knee felt stiff but after I walked around on it for a bit, it kinda loosened up,  Throughout the day it felt fine and I even biked on it. 24 hours after that it seems to be its usual self, as a good as a 44 year old knee that has been scoped can be.  Having said that, I will skip this Saturday's Long Run and be back the following Saturday for the cutback week.

Update:  ran on the dreadmill yesterday and my knee was fine until I was in the locker room changing and then putting weight on the knee made it hurt.  The pain bothered me most of the evening and today it seems to only act up when i transition from sitting to standing.

*(sorry for the formal medical jargon)
Bonus Story below

Bonus Story:  We ordered a headboard for the King bed we bought when we first moved in. I wrote a little post about getting the Queen headboard to attach to our King frame.

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