Wednesday, May 7, 2014

45th Birthday and we are having twins!

I'm always a bit hesitant to share my age these days because there is this thing in Corporate America as well as the just plain old Real Life known as Ageism.  People can and will hold your age against you for promotions, jobs and whatever.  I'm reluctant to list it here because I'm not exactly running under NSA level security -- someone could easily figure out my RL idenity if they chose to.  On the other hand, meh.

So we finally announced on my Facebook feed that we are with children!  That’s right, Nightingale is carrying twins in her womb and I am going to be a father in October.  or more likely September since twins tend to come early.  So two quick answers to some already developing Frequently Asked Questions:  1) yes we are going to find out the genders and 2) no we have not settled on names yet, because well #1.  However, the one name that is off the table is my real first name.  We don't need another Icarus. 

Initially I had plans to announce the pending arrive here, then on my ChicagoNow blog, then on my Facebook pages, etc.  Luckily time and other more important things prevented that egotistical market campaign from ever seeing the light of day.  Instead I just posted the photo on the right and 99.5% of my friends figured it out.  

I have mixed feelings about the responses I've got on Facebook.  I'm thrilled at the outpouring of love, support and well wishes from friends and family.  I am surprised though that some people who generally don't say boo about anything I do on Facebook have come out of the woodwork on this one to chime in.  It's like "okay, you reproduced that got my attention."  I know it's my ego saying 'wait I'm fucking awesome, everything I do is noteworthy."

So moving on...what that means now is I have to convert the office into a nursery/kids room.  Nightingale thinks each kid should get their own room, especially if we have one of each, and I'm like absolutely.  As soon as they are old enough to rent their own apartment they can get a room to their selves. 

Luckily I am prepared for this.  Sort of.  I finally found an acceptable Roll Top Desk on Craig's List that will do nicely as a temporary office desk in the "parlor" portion of our living room.  When I say temporary, I mean until the damn thing falls apart or is replaced by a more magnificent looking antique of the same type.  This one I got for $80 (including a old school wooden office chair) so I won't feel bad about cutting any holes in the back for computer cables.

Update:  I wrote about this on ChicagoNow too but with a slightly different angle.

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