Sunday, May 18, 2014

Look at our new Roll Top Desk

Since I've known for a time that the office would eventually be converted into a nursery and later a kids room, I have been on the hunt for a Roll Top Desk.  We wanted something that would leave a small footprint in what I call the parlor section of our living room because that is really the only place left that would make sense for my office space.  I don't need much since I do most of my work on a laptop but a place for my monitor and desktop to live is definitely a nice to have.

The next thing to do -- after cleaning up the mess that re-arranging the parlor to fit this desk caused -- is cut some holes in the back so I can run the needed cables through it.  I'm going to hold off for a short time though and let it occur more organically.  While I would not normally advocate defiling an antique just for the sake of modern convenience, I don't think this is a valuable rare antique worth any more than the $80 I paid for it off Craigslist.

On another note, it kinda of concerns me that we are placing furniture in a very similar fashion to how the previous owners placed theirs.  I suppose it is because the overall layout of the house doesn't allow for too much flexibility.  There is only one good spot for the treadmill in the basement, there is only one good place to put the TV in the living room, etc.

I did write a quick piece about this on ChicagoNow so you go there and give me a pageclick, a like and a share if you are so inclined.  After all, I now have babies to feed.

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