Thursday, June 5, 2014

Made it into the Top 20 on ChicagoNow

So I got the #3 spot in the Top 20 Most-Visited Blogs (unique visitors) on ChicagoNow.

Top 20 Most-Visited Blogs (unique visitors) – June 2

1.       Uncommon Sense

2.       Cubs Den

3.       Mysteries of Life

4.       Get Fit Chicago

5.       Tween Us

6.       The Red Cup Adventures

7.       Portrait of an Adoption

8.       Baby Sideburns

9.       Moms Who Drink And Swear: Chicago Edition

10.   Show Me Chicago

11.   Cubs Insider

12.   Everything is Story Worthy

13.   Lists That Actually Matter

14.   Hammervision

15.   It’s Never Just Black And White

16.   High Gloss and Sauce

17.   Chicago Bulls Confidential

18.   The Wild Side of Chicago

19.   Bullsville

20.   Cheaper Than Therapy

Considering the #1 and #2 spots have larger audiences and controversial subjects respectively, I consider that quite good thing. I dropped to #11 on June 3 and today I don't imagine I'll be there at all. (update:  nope, I dropped off).

Which is fine with me. While I like the quick high of making the trifecta (front page of Tribune Online, CN Manager's Choice (which means being featured on ChicagoNow Start Page and placed on the ChicagoNow Facebook Fan Page) and being in the top 20, it is only a temporary standing. The next day someone will write about the latest SEO clickbait term and then it's their turn to sit among the heavy hitters like Baby Sideburns, Portrait of an Adoption et al at the cool kids table.

This is the 3rd time I recall being in the Top 20. The first time was some random piece I wrote on May of 2013 when I was writing about House Hunting. I'm guessing it was this one called  Hold your horses Condo Owners, it's not 2005 pricing just yet.  I got about 2500 hits that month, which was a big surge from the couple hundred I had been getting to that point.

The next one was a piece I wrote intentionally timed to get page-hits on the anniversary of the Steve Bartman Legacy.  That one brought about the largest amount of traffic at that point in time (13000+ pagehits that month) and though the pageviews ebbed off, I still now get residual traffic from it.

I suspect this week's post could surpass the Oct 2013 numbers especially if I can get another heavy hitter or two up before the month ends. I've got 25 days to get 4000 3000 more page hits.  If you feel like helping, use the links below.

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