Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Technology we could use

Email Classification:  I don't know if this technology already exists but I want to be able to mark or classify an email message to expire after a certain amount of time.  I get tons of emails for sales on running shoes or discounts on races or invitations to events...I want to be able to mark the message somehow such that whenever the relevant date passes, the email deletes itself.

Government Fee organization:  I want an easier system for our City Sticker and License Plate sticker.  Cars should come with some type of bar code that can be scanned to show if those two items are up to date and when they expire.  In the World Today its kinda of a game: if you find my car and it doesn't have one of these, you get to issue me a ticket.  My system would allow Municipalities to track when a car was up for renewal.  You could then mail a notice to the car owner and if they don't provide proof that they live in the city/state anymore, you could then issue them the ticket electronically.

Smart Door locks:  Next...I want a door lock with a keypad.  The keypad allows me to program an entry code that only works during a set day and time.  This would be good for nannies, house keepers and other people you need to allow access to your home but don't want to give them unrestricted access.

Facebook Features we can use: Finally, I would like the following Facebook Feature.  I run some type of program or report and it shows me a list of all my friends and our interactions, or lack thereof.  I envision it would look something like:

In the last 12 months

    Joe Epstein has liked 204 of your status, has commented 113 times on your status, invited you to 23 events, asked for your help on Farmville and wished you a happy birthday.

The ideal application would allow me to filter by criteria.  Where I'm going with this is I have a ton of friends who I don't interact with. I get that not everyone is in everyone's Top 10 and some people are just casual connections that you met one time at a dinner party or event and you're keeping it real. But there are others who seem to just have a FB account so that they can tell world what they are doing without the cost of having to pay attention to what others are doing.  That's what a blog is for!  I'd probably want to de-friend those people or at least filter them so they don't show up in my news feed.


  1. Love the idea of a FB filter be much easier than doing it yourself..
    Found you blog through the blog party will visit again soon have fun ..Carol :)

    1. welcome Carol and thanks for stopping by. The blog party was fun, I am looking forward to reading through all the comments and finding new blogs ;)


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