Friday, August 14, 2015

a terrible monster of a disease

This is something a friend posted on Facebook the other day.  Apparently a friend succumbed to a terrible disease and left this world much too soon.

Kyla Brown
I thought I saw you the other day,
A heartstopping glimpse from the periphery.
As I turned to get a second look,
My vision clarified into a not so tall and
Unfamiliar stranger with a fleeting resemblance of you.
Perhaps it is because I always expect to see you,
Though I know you will no longer be there.
I have been thinking so much of you lately
As the doors closed with thunderous finality.
I woke Saturday morning with such sorrow,
Thinking of our beloveds’ memories waiting
In the dark with nothing but shadows
And eventual strangers for company.
As I gathered myself, shaking my head at melancholy,
An unforeseen message came from a beloved friend
Painful, heartbreaking, and shattering.
Stating her farewell, as she is losing her struggle
With a terrible monster of a disease.
Was my vision of you a portent of the impending loss
Of another heart so dear to me?
Or was it just a remnant of the hope we all have
To see you one more time.
Bitter regret wells in my heart remembering
The last words I said to you face to face
Were the same ones I said to her when
I saw her in December.
To take better care of yourself,
That you are not alone,
That you mean so much to me – to us all
And that I love you, my dear friend.
If I could ask anything, I would ask
You to watch over my friend.
Keep her company and cheer her spirit as
She puts up a hell of a fight.
Though she does not know you, she will welcome you.
The only explanation needed is that
You are my friend and you have come on my behalf,
And with your sweet smile, give her all my love.

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