Sunday, November 29, 2015

First Day of Advent

Other than Moose and Squirrel's baptism a couple months ago, and the occasional wedding, I haven't gone to church in quite a while.  The reason isn't logical or anything but it is what it is.  I stopped going when I discovered that certain Catholics I thought were friends could treat me like crap and our mutual friends barely batted an eyelash let alone declared neutrality but my trespasses were met with a much more disproportionate level of ire. 

If anyone missed the subtle nuances of that, it's as if I hit their bumper parallel parking and our mutual friends wants me arrested but the other person totals my car in a hit & run and almost killed me and those same mutual friends are like "I don't want to get involved.

Still, among my favorite masses are the ones that fall on Advent.  There's just something about a countdown to the Winter Solstice and the day with the least amount of daylight that somehow seems downright spiritual. 

Make a vow when Solstice comes:
To find the Light in everyone

 I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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