Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Getting Back on Track DietBet

So I decided to accept a friend's challenge and joined this DietBet game. When weighed myself this morning I was exactly 210.0 lbs which means I have to lose 4% of that i.e. get to 201.6 lbs.  I think that is realistic if I

  1. watch what I consume, 
  2. get a good run in every other day, 
  3. cut back/cut out the alcohol and 
  4. do all of that consistently in the month of January.

 It has been my experience that Winter is the hardest time to lose weight because we seem to be designed to store fat, not lose it.

I purposely didn't try to keep my weight down between the day my friend challenged me (last week when I weighed in at 208) and Monday morning when I submitted these photos for weigh-in.  It wouldn't have made a substantial difference in the amount of weight I'd need to lose, but I think there is something to the psychology of the numbers.  It is easier to go from 210 to 201, versus 208 to 199.

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