Sunday, July 17, 2016

Adventures in Dog Sitting

Since both our cats passed away, we have been pet-less.  While we wish our cats were still with us, we do realize the utility of not having pet-related expenses while taking on the costs that human kids bring.  Still, we do intend to have pets in our house again someday.  Nightingale wants a dog and I want cats, one black one while, so we will likely get them at more or less the same time so they grow up thinking it is perfectly normal to live together.

But I'm soo cute!

To that end, as a test of the situation and to help a friend out, we agreed to dog watch Reiley K. for a good friend of mine.  We have Reiley for two weeks and it has already proven to be very educational.  She is still technically a puppy and as such hasn't been trained not to use the bathroom in the house or not try to take the kid's stuffed animals or pacifiers. 

Still, she's a good dog and we enjoy her company.  I am also glad that there is a end-date to that company because we are not ready for a dog right now. 

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