Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Nights and general malaise

While Summer only officially began a few weeks ago, in some ways this is the mid-point of summer.  The sun will start setting just a little bit earlier each night.

Back in the day I use to play volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Lincoln Park and we would play until the sun went down, then head to the bar.  It was usually very late nights but I still managed to get home just before midnight and get enough sleep to make it through my mindbogglingly boring job as a paralegal the next day.

When I switched from volleyball to running I would be doing speed workouts on Tuesday evenings. At the start of summer the sun would still be out while we were just finishing up.  But about this time next week or two, it would start getting a little darker as we finished our workouts.  Again after an hour or two of running, we'd go to the bar.

Those were fun times but I don't think I really ever appreciated them for what they were.  At volleyball I was trying to hook-up and at speed work I was trying to BQ.  I should have really just appreciated the fact that I was enjoying all the city had to offer.


In other news Nightingale and I are in a funk and we don't know why.  Probably because we are disconnected from family through distance and friends through social status.  Essentially, we are parents of almost two year olds and it makes it hard to get together with friends unless they come over to our place or

There is also some uncertainty in our lives right now.  We still haven't answered the question, is this our permanent home or do we move to the suburbs or to an entirely other state?  The limitations of this house are starting to wear on us and we aren't able to take advantage of all the city has to offer.  However, the former could change with some renovations and the later should change once the kids are a little older.

This was an odd year too because of my short term unemployment status, then starting a new job and having to travel for a family wedding.  Hopefully the rest of the year and next year is more status quo.

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