Monday, August 8, 2016

Everything revolves around Nap-Time

We had a very productive weekend.  We define productive these days as we spent quality time with our children ND managing to get something done around the house project wise.  Bonus if the QT is something that while simultaneously wearing them out so they go to sleep on time and sleep through the night (hopefully).

On Saturday we met up with Katness and her twins for a double-date at Brookfield Zoo.  It was a little stressful getting off in the morning because we are usually the ones that are late, Nightingale wanted to make our meetup time of 9:30.  It turns out our meetup time was actually 10 so we were early for once.  The Gods rewarded us with a beautiful but not too hot day.

On the way home we opted to stop at a nearby Costco so that we wouldn't burn our Sunday on a trip to the store.  Since everything revolves around naptime these days, a trip to the store means either timing it so that they sleep on the car ride to/from the store or going early enough so that we get them home in time for nap.  That last scenario doesn't always work out.

I try to play to my strengths and mask my weaknesses. For instance I make a list of things we need to do during the kids naptime and knock them out one at a time. We finally got the car seats re-adjusted.

Also, with the new job, I don't have quite the WFH freedom yet that I had at the last gig, so I have to schedule stuff very far out. I'm having three different repair/service people come out next Monday to do some much needed house maintenance.  This is actually going to be a PTO day so I don't have to monitor a laptop all day.

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