Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Waiting for the Storm Doors to set ups free

The weekend was pretty good.  For the last few weekends, we have had some obligation on Saturday which has prevented us from dropping off donations at the Salvation Army.  We also want to go in
and see if they have any decent bargains or finds and they are closed on Sundays.  I'm looking forward to next weekend because we should be able to clear some of the stuff from the attic.  I always get a good feeling when we drop off our donations because that means stuff left out house!

I'm currently waiting on a few things.  We were going to have our driveway gate painted but every time the crew was scheduled to come over and work on it, the weather forecast rain.  I'm hoping it happens this week.  When I first contacted the painter, I didn't want to start right away because I already had a lot on my credit cards and luckily his first opening wasn't until Mid-August anyway.  But now that I have the room on the card and it's getting closer to the end of summer, I'd like to have this started. Technically we could put it off until just before November but I'd like to have it done sooner because the rust is looking bad.

We also had a bit of a Storm Door Saga.  I just don't have the energy to write out all the gory details but essentially we ordered two storm doors (front and back) on July 4th and they still have not arrived. Well, they arrived but the custom size was measured incorrectly and the standard one couldn't be installed because of the broken door frame. 

I'm told the standard storm door, with pet door for future furbabies, and a new external pre-hung door will be installed on Thursday.  I will believe it when I see it.  The other door won't get here until Sept 12 and there is nothing Lowe's can do about it.  I'm really hoping they schedule the installation of that door for the 13th becuase I really need to be able to open our doors and let the cool breeze flow through our non central air conditioned house.

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