Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bike Repair Drama

Nightingale and I have been biking to the Jeff Park train station all summer.  Sometimes Nightingale bikes all the way to work.  I tried it once but it was too much of a hassle.  Nightingale has even bought a Divvy membership so she has the option of biking all the way to work in the morning but taking the El home in the evening.

One morning last week we were actually on pace to leave before 7:15 which is huge for me.  A colleague at the office cares a little too much about when I get in, go to lunch and leave for the day, so I stress about getting to the office by 8 so that I can use my lunch hour to workout.

should get one like this

Alas, my bike had a flat tire.  Finding out you have a flat tire at the exact time you need to leave means you have very few options.  I could see that the tire was torn so inflating it wasn't going to do the trick.  I didn't know how long it would take for a bus and probably should have taken a minute to check Bus Tracker.  Instead I used Nightingale's bike to get me to Jeff Park.

I had to take my bike to a repair shop to  get a new tire. Instead of using the expensive bike shop that is a mile West of our house, I decided to take it to the expensive bike shop that is a mile North of our house.  They did tighten my bike lock holder which had started to come loose so that was nice of them. 

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