Friday, September 16, 2016

Exercising Cuts into Whirlpool Time

I belong to the gym next to my office.  my company gets a discount that brings the price down to $100/month which is pricey just to have a place to change into my running clothes or take a swim 5 days a week.  But when you consider the shower, steam room and suana, along with free razors and mouthwash, it almost breaks even.

I could use more of the gym's amenities if I had time, but I am squeezing my workouts during my lunch and it already consumes the entire hour to go next door, change, workout, shower and return with just enough time to inhale my lunch.

So the challenges.  On days that I run I have to decide if I'm doing the treadmill or running outside.  If I go during true lunch time, everyone is at the gym or outside.  This impacts elevator frequency and speed, along with bumping into people in the locker room and on the running path.

If I go off hours, my co-workers seem to need something from me roughly 10 minutes after I leave thus I don't get back to them for almost an hour. 

On days that I swim it's a little more manageable.  I change into my swim trunks and then go into the steam room to warm up because the pool is set at 78 and my old bones feel a chill.  It goes away after 1 lap of course.  As usually occurs whenever I start swimming after a long hiatus, i use to need a half minute to rest between laps but after a week or so I'm at the point where I can do 10 laps in about 20 minutes, which leaves time for the whirlpool and perhaps another few minutes in the steam room before showering and getting back.

It takes 72 laps to make a mile in this pool so I know I'm not doing a huge workout.  I could probably squeeze 8 more laps in to make it an even quarter mile but that would cut into my whirlpool time. 

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