Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Binge Watching: Dark Matters follow up

I'm having a tough time finishing Season Two of Dark Matters.  With Expanse and Westworld I couldn't wait to get to the next episode.  With Dark Matters, the appeal just isn't there.  All 3 are similar in that with each episode you have the current action/plot and a piece of a larger puzzle is presented. 

  • Westworld: the android's evolution, the man in black and the back story
  • expanse: what Mao was up to
  • dark matters: who are these people and how did they end up together.

What I think it is, is that the first two make no bones about being intended for adult audiences.  Dark Matters is trying to either appeal to a younger generation or cast a wider net and it's just not working for me.

the other observation is that the first two work in a back and forth, circular motion whereas Dark Matters is linear.  Yes it has flash backs but only as a plot device or to show instead of tell, not to reveal or let the watcher discover they way the first two do. 

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