Tuesday, October 1, 2019

100 Miles to go

We are in the final quarter of 2019 and I am doing okay with my MPD goal.  Not as good as I like but not terrible either.

If you look at my Strava September stats, you'll see 11 activities for 29 miles.  however, 2 of those were junk entries to adjust for time and distance.  Because Strava won't let you adjust your miles or time.  So if you didn't restart your timer too bad.  There is also no way to see your totals for the past month because I suspect they want you to pay for the fully meshed version and I see no reason to do that.

By my calculations, we have 92 days to go and I have 100 miles left.

  • Oct  31
  • Nov 30
  • Dec 31

and I trimmed the mileage deficit down to 8 miles.  That leaves 100 miles to go.  I ran today (Oct 1st) instead of yesterday (Sept 30) because it is slightly less humid but I'm gonna pretend like I got that 3 mile run in on Monday.

During the week there are two good windows for me to go get a run.  Either way before 10 am if it's quiet, or just after my 10 am call, usually at 11 which equates to noon Eastern Time, when my colleague would be at lunch.   But if I don't get out the door by 1pm on a weekday, the run likely just isn't happening.
And some days there are just more important things to do

There are days I just cannot get out to run.  Either they are too hot, I am too busy or both. Sometimes I have other smaller projects I need to get done during the span of time that I have daylight and no kids in the way.

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