Monday, June 20, 2022

Slightly Reduced Humble Brag

In my old apartment, and later in my condo, I had a wall devoted to my Running Achievements.  Specifically, it held the framed marathon certificates and the medals I received from completing various races.  At first, it was just marathons but over the years, smaller races decided to give finisher medals as well.  When we moved into the house, I left the certificates in the moving box, thinking one day I would find an appropriate place for them.  The medals went on this:

I paid $5-10 for it at a garage sale I drove past during lunchtime when I worked out in Oak Brook Terrace.

Now that we've moved to Mississippi, I've decided to purge a lot of things.  I was going to just put up the certificate from my best race, the Spirit of St Louis Marathon in 2006 where I ran a 3:29:54, along with a few medals from other milestone races.  But then the challenge was, how do I pick?  

My first marathon?  sure.  My best Chicago Time?  My International Marathons?  Too many to choose from.  

And then one of the daily deal emails I got had a coupon code for a discount at a place that makes custom metal things, especially medal holders. It would have cost $80 for the two but with the discount code it dropped to $53, so I pulled the trigger and ordered them.

So I decided to make another shrine to running.  And I'm certain my runner nickname will give my brother-in-law Jethro something else (that concerns him not the least) to be upset about (he cannot stand that my vanity license plate has Chicago in it).

These cost a bit more

It took a few weeks for my medal holder to arrive and when they did, I didn't exactly have the energy I had when I started this project in my head.  But I started slow.  First I added the Personal Best and then built everything around it.  Not every certificate is going up, just the more meaningful ones.  This is mostly because I didn't always invest in good frames and don't want to now.  And also because I only have so much wall space to work with.  I'm not sure how many medals I will put up.  

Also rearranged the office a bit

I've also saved almost every racing big and a variety of Teflon blankets that they hand out post-race.  I always thought I could do something cool with those.  For now, they will go back in the smaller box and be stored somewhere out of sight.  And when I shed this mortal coil, I want my family to dispose of this stuff as they see fit.  No need to keep it around and create any unwanted clutter.


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