Thursday, August 31, 2023

Last Day of August

We got another good week of what qualifies as Cool Weather down here.  I was able to get some stuff done in the garages, which always makes me happy.  I hung the bike racks and put some other racks.  I'm glad I talked myself out of moving the lumber racks because that would have been a PITA.

There's still about 10% that could/should go away but I will take it for now.  One morning I need to just take everything on the floor out to the driveway and put it back in whatever order makes sense.  I want to epoxy the floor but for now, that's a pipe dream.  

Nightingale started her job at the VA this week.  Because she has to be there so early, she gets up and gets ready and packs moose and squirrel's lunch for school.  Now that orientation is over, she literally leaves just as we get up.  We have also moved the wakeup time from 7:30 to 7 am...ish.   Boris has no trouble getting up early, but Natasha hates mornings.  Our cat Ryder does his best to mitigate this by gently purring next to her.

The kiddos have been great.  Very helpful and cooperative in eating breakfast (as in telling me what the F they would like to eat), getting dressed, brushing teeth, and out the door just before 8 am all this week.   

This was also the week that my in-laws decided to visit Michigan, so we were flying without a parachute.  We had to watch their purse dogs, who are old and have health issues.  When they stay here, we have to move our cats' food dishes to the top of the washing machine.  They also need to go outside to do their business every 3-4 hours which makes it tough to sleep through the night.  

A Perfect Month

I managed to get 10K steps every day for August, something I don't know if I have achieved ever before.  The two weeks Nightingale was between jobs and the kids were at school were the easiest; I'd hit 10K before noon most days because we were purging and organizing.  I even hit the 20K one day and could have hit it more if I really wanted to.  Back in my running days, I would have hit the top steps that the app tracks, and maybe when the weather gets even cooler, I will attempt a short run to see what I got.

But there were also days where I was trying to get the last 2K just before bedtime as well, just not as many as most months.  Now are these quality steps?  No.  But every little bit helps.  

Now that I have achieved the Perfect Month, I'm gonna try and relax on the steps.  But I do have to find a way to lose some weight.  

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