Monday, September 11, 2023

Keeping Busy

 While Nightingale is away at her new job, I have been trying to keep busy and be productive by working on projects around the house.  The weather is more favorable and I can do outdoor things in the morning before it heats up, then switch to inside stuff just before picking up the kids from school.

  • patched a small dent in the kids room wall 
  • painted scratched paint in the master bedroom 
  • various garage organizations/cleaning/purging  
  • installing bike racks
  • Cut some dead tree limbs 
  • cleaned and polished printer stand

It might be hard to notice but the stand looks much cleaner and has a darker finish.  I don't dare try to sand, stain, and seal this antique.  

There are many more things on my ToDo list.  Some are actually quite ambitious.   Stay Tuned.

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