Friday, March 29, 2013

Always nice to hear from my Readers

I can make it from my garage to the Costco near work
when this light comes on
Today is Friday -- Good Friday in fact -- and as usual I'm WFH.   I work from home on Fridays because there really isn't a lot of benefit of driving 20+ miles in each direction to sit at my desk and not do anything that I couldn't do from home, especially since the Chicagoland traffic is its worst on Friday evenings.  Most of my colleagues either WFH on Fridays as well or live closer to OBT and thus don't have to deal with the same commuting nightmare.  And like many offices in Corporate America, after 3pm, it's a ghost town.

Speaking of working from home,  I got the following in my inbox:


My name is Amy, and I'm hoping to get in touch with you about a video I helped create on the benefits of telecommuting. I saw this post, and thought you and your readers might find some value in it.

The video focuses on a few main benefits employees and employers gain from telecommuting. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in seeing or sharing, and I can forward it along.

Thanks for your time,
Amy C.

Not knowing if this was simply a fembot or a real person I emailed back and after a couple of volleys got the following:

I appreciate the reply, Icarus!

I'm actually part of a video team consists of a small group of 5 rather, unique individuals who share a vision of using videos to tell a story/lesson.

The specific video I was talking about lives here on our site: A couple benefits the video highlights are productivity levels and reducing turnover.

Feel free to post or share the video with proper attribution to the original source. We would also appreciate any and all feedback for the video.

- Amy.
So enjoy as it's always nice to hear from readers.

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  1. Working at home saves time and labor of travelling up to a certain extent. It emphasizes on working skills. Even many can opt for telecommutingwhich include digital facilities like online jobs, examinations as well as classes.


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