Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too busy to blog

Work in progress

Kinda been busy the last week or so. The in-laws were in town a couple weekends back and
whenever they come for a visit, they bring stuff they want to get rid of the empty nesters that they are.   So I've been too busy trying to find new locations for the stuff they brought.  Some of it was very cool and useful for the new house.  I got an aluminum ladder and a shop vac.  We also got a juicer and a small fridge which doesn't fit behind the bar so we have to find a home for it.

We also got this thing which I will describe as a mirrored coat rack.  It matches the wood and the radiator covers in the hallway so that is the logical place to put it.  Doing so will blow away our Ikea inspired plan.  I figure we have a few more months to figure it out.

They gave us a bunch of other items too like a Juicer and a Bose Lifestyle Stereo System.  While I was at work one day, Nightingale and her parents re-arranged the TV area in the basement.  I was trying to convince NG to donate at least one of the dressers to her sister in Michigan but she wants to keep the set, maintaining that we will need them if kids become part of our equation.

Over the weekend we went to the Modern Vintage event at Randolph Street Market.  We had never been there before but I had heard it was a good place to discover some unique finds for your house.  It was very interesting to see a lot of old school furniture and clothing.  The Mad Men influence has bought new life to a lot of retro 50s and 60s designs.  We did find a few cool items but the price point was well beyond what we wanted to spend.
This would look cool in the Man Cave

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