Sunday, May 12, 2013

Don't Understand how they could possibly be going Out of Business

This would look good
with all our coats draped across it
So after picking up my Lakefront 10 packet a few weeks ago, I stopped in at this antique store that had an Everything Must Go sign in the window.  I really liked their stuff but the prices were way out of my budget.  They were out of my had money to spare budget before buying this house and they certainly are out of my current have three mortgages budget.

I did like this item pictured here.  It would work beautifully in the space that is our hallway.  Unfortunately, it was listed for $1600 or so.  I don't remember the exact amount.  I'm sure there was some wiggle room built into it but I really didn't have the money for such a lovely piece of woodwork.

However when the store proprietors told me the price I said it was out of my budget.  He asked me what my budget was and I said I wasn't sure.  I said that because I didn't have it in my mind how much we thought we'd have to spend on the Ikea Hack Project I've mentioned here.

That apparently was the wrong thing to say because Mr. Personality decided that it was wasting his time by breathing the same oxygen and occupying the same zip code. 

"You don't have a budget," he said.  "You are wasting my time."  He went on to mumble a few more things about how he doesn't have time for this because he's going out of business.

A couple of things.  First, when someone says the item is out of the budget it just might be their polite way of saying your shit is really overpriced. 

Second, blaming customers for your failure to succeed in business is wrong on so many levels. 

Third, your wife -- if you have a wife -- is undoubtedly sleeping with other people because she has long regretted the moment she ever gave you a blowjob.

and this would be wonderful too

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