Friday, May 3, 2013

To Avoid Separate Posts

Some stuff I don't wanna break into their own posts:

Today I'm getting my last two wisdom teeth extracted. I Reluctantly got the first two extracted in 2009. Since my mouth was left numb, I didn't exactly rush back to have the other two removed.  It was a good six months before the tightness in my teeth loosened up. There's still some residual numbness in my left gums and lip.

I was pissed the people at the oral surgeon's office downplayed the whole numbness thing.  Yes they probably mentioned it and it was in the waviers I signed, but they really focused on making sure I didn't eat or drink before the procedure.  I swear they told me like 762 not to eat or drink the night before or they couldn't put me under.

Why couldn't he leave something like this behind
Alas I've put it off long enough and figure that since I do have insurance that will pay for 80% of it, I should take advantage.

Then we are heading to Kenosha for a half marathon Saturday. On the way back home we are stopping by a wedding shower in West Chicago.    Could I pack more into one day?  Well yes.

Our first renter moved out the other day. He said he was feeling uncomfortable because of all the complaints about his noise and his smoking.  Our Property Manager said he was a very nice guy and had reasonable explanations for the complaints.  But they continued.  Apparently he was smoking inside and also left garage bags on the back deck instead of taking them down to the trash.

He denied this to our Property Manager.  First Renter found a sub leaser so we let him out of his lease and are starting a new lease with Second Renter.  First Renter however left behind more bags of garbage, a computer monitor, a camera, a loveseat and pizza boxes on the washer/dryer.

Second Renter doesn't want the rugs we left behind and apparently we have to do something with them.  Property Manager is out of the country though I have half a mind to just leave it be and have him deal with it when he gets back.  This has been the recurring theme of 2013: the people I'm paying to do stuff that I don't want to do are not doing that stuff to the fullest.

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