Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July America

Today marks not only the 237th anniversary (if my CPS math is correct) of our telling Mother England to go away and leave us alone, it is also the 4th anniversary of the day I met my wife.  We both went to a theme party -- redneck, white trash 4 o July -- that we otherwise would not have attended if some minor circumstances had gone differently.  For instance, if her friend wasn't having a birthday get together in the same area or if I had stayed in Naper-hell* the entire weekend as I was supposed to, we might not have met.

[* not a reflection on the friend's house I stayed at or the company I kept that weekend, just simply that my DNA is not entirely compatible with the suburban biosphere for prolonged periods of exposure.]

Looking at last year's post of a similar title, I see that it's pretty much more of the same, only the stakes are a bit higher.  End of Fiscal Year at work, not hitting it out of the ball park and concerned that I may be out of a job.

Alas I've been uber busy at work and not a lot of time to blog when I get home.  It's not easy to blog from an iPad and it isn't always easy to boot up the desktop -- which is now slower than molasses -- and fire off a post.  Looking back, it seems that July is traditionally a low post month.  I will try to change that both here and on ChicagoNow.  There are some nice posts there so if you are one of my lurker readers, feel free to give me some pagehits over there.

This should neither align left or right

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