Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A more exciting weekend

This past weekend was our most busiest in some time.  Saturday morning we ran the Get Lucky 7k race in Jackson Park.  I actually came in 4th in my age division.

A couple of points about the race.  First, the course was badly planned.  There were too many points where runners criss-crossed which is dangerous especially on such a narrow path.

Secondly, my official time was at least a minute off what my Garmin reports.  And while I don't generally give many F-cks about that, it is interesting because I started my Garmin early..a few feet before crossing the start line and stopped it late, more than a few seconds after crossing the finish line.  If anything, my official time should be shorter.

After grabbing a late brunch we went home and took a nap.  I should mention that we have not been sleeping well lately, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep until just before the alarm goes off.

Had dinner with CN friends.  We met Tara and her husband* at the last ChicagoNow blathering and had a great conversation.  I suggested we get together for dinner or something out side of CN and Tara followed up.  Rick is quiet well traveled and though a closet republican, he was on good First Date Behavior.

*since they use their real names on their blogs, no need to alias them here.

On Sunday we went to our friend's South Side Irish parade party.  It was St Patrick's Day weekend in 2011 when we helped Theron move into her apartment in Beverly as she was beginning her new life with a new job at St Xavier University.  Now a few years later she is married and lives in a house with her professor husband.  And so she started a tradition of having a parade party every year to celebrate.  Given how cold it was, not many were interested in watching the parade.

All in all it was a well packed weekend with lots to do but not too much to do.

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