Friday, March 7, 2014

Not a typical WFH morning

Nightingale bought a Carpet Cleaning special off Angie's List:  $109 for carpet cleaning for four areas (up to 1,100 square feet).  I've done these before and your carpet is never as brand new looking as the ads say, but since we have pets, it just makes sense to give this a try.  What really got Nightingale's interest was " A flight of stairs may be substituted for a room"

The time frame for the cleaner to show up was between 8 and 10 am today.  Of course he arrived around 8:30, just as someone from work was pinging me about some crisis that just couldn't wait even though it has been going on for a couple days now. 

So I basically have to deal with my customer while letting the poor guy in and showing him the carpets.  Then he points out that the deal is supposed to be for wall-to-wall carpet only, not area rugs.  He said he would do it and would also call it in but asked if I could show him the coupon.  I pull up the ad on my computer and show that there was no such disclaimer.  It's not his fault and he wasn't putting up a fight, he just wanted to warn me because apparently cleaning area rugs is a different sort of wizardry than wall-to-wall.

Then of course he is just about to wrap up right before my 10:30 conference call.  Luckily this meeting is always late and in fact only took 5 minutes.  He also refused the tip I tried to give him, so he definitely wins the classy, good guy award for today.

As for the carpets well he pointed out that the basement and the stairway were really dirty, which makes sense as they came with the house and are the most frequented areas.  Our area rugs weren't too bad since they are only a year old.

The membership to Angie's List itself Nightingale got off Groupon.  It was ridiculously cheap however it auto renews so I'm full expecting this to come back and bite us in a year or so.

"Oh I forgot to cancel my membership, now I have to pay $xx.xx"  she'll say. 

I will use all my energy and power to override the urge to retort: "yes when you asked if you should get this membership, I did point out that you are terrible with canceling memberships: see gym for reference." 

After all, while we have lovely basement furniture, I have little desire to sleep on it.

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