Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Car troubles

Lucky i have this mini compresor
Yesterday Nightingale called me to tell me that she discovered her car had a flat tire as she was
leaving .  I asked if she knew how to put on the spare "doughnut" tire and she said she wasn't even sure how to find it.  Normally I would have drove out to pick her up but I was in charge of the kiddos and they were not having any of me leaving the room, let alone the zip code.  Luckily her parking garage provides a compressor that was able to fill her tire back up for the ride home.

Today the kids are a little more back to normal so I am able to get away to get the tire repaired.  This is good that Nightingale can drive my car because I failed an emissions test, supposedly because I hadn't driven my car in a while.  

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