Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Where is Facebook heading

Like many bloggers I rely on Facebook for a social media presence and page traffic.  I've even written some posts about it here.  and here.  And also here.

Like many people I also have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  Just when I dare to hope that Facebook has peaked and I move on, another friend ups their Facebook-Fu and its the only way I can keep in contact with the small fraction of the human population I don't utterly despise. 

Facebook is the main portal to the internet, how they get their news, how they communicate with friends far and near, an ever-changing TV channel tuned to You, starring Your Friends, reflecting Your Excellent Opinions.  -Nancy Nall

  • Option 1:  it *could* fade away like Friendster or Myspace.
  • Option 2:  it could fade into the background and still be around but used less and less often
  • Option 3:  it could become something very different that it is today.  Evolve

Or it might just continue to be the 600 lb gorilla of social media and all that comes with it.

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