Monday, February 1, 2016

January Wrap Up

So I ran 13 times for a total of 46 miles.   Almost half those miles were from the two 5-milers and three 4-milers.  I upped my game the last week running Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and again Sunday.   Basically running 20 miles in the 8 days.  I'm happy to report that I averaged 9:15 min/mile, which

Alas, I didn't quite make the weight drop I was shooting for, but I did lose 5 lbs.  I technically have until midnight tomorrow to weigh in and I suppose I can drop the last 3.5 lbs needed but don't hold your breath.
We tried to help by eating your food for you

Twice last week, the weather was awesome for running but I wasn't in the mood or didn't make the appropriate arrangements to do so.  So instead of running outside on Monday in nice weather, I had to do a treadmill run inside on Tuesday.  Sunday was warmer than Saturday but Sat would have been a better day to get the longer run in.  I could have then tried a short treadmill run on Sunday (or outside) and run today as well which might have increased my chances of losing weight.

But to be honest, the reason the weight isn't all gone is because I did not moderate my diet appropriately.  Too much alcohol coupled with some questionable choices of food counteracted much of whatever good the running did.  I also didn't really step up until the 3rd week of the bet thinking that I would just magically run more and eat less.  Face it, I lack discipline.

In other news, I passed my emissions test on the 3rd try and ordered my license plate sticker.  I'm working from home and thus don't need to drive but even if I did, the risk of getting caught with an expired tag is very low since I go from garage to suburban parking lot.  I have to admit, WFH has definitely saved me a lot of gas and tolls.  

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