Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Some of the places I hang out on the interwebs

In the effort to alleviate my ADD, I often visit a couple of places to read and occasionally participate in the comments sections. In no particular order:

Change of Subject is not what it use to be.  Before the Tribune revamped its site and added COS to its domain, Zorn's blog was an independent project that shared Tribune space.  This was the best of both worlds.  Now it is a shadow of its former self.

I'm more of a lurker than a participant at NancyNall. The cite has a loyal following of very smart, like minded but balanced commentators just like COS but perhaps a more even distribution from the midwest.

CribChatter is a shell of its former self as well though it looks like it might be making a come back.  Sabrina started the site with hopes of discussing real estate throughout Chicago but mostly covers Lincoln Park, Lakeview and the Gold Coast with occasional listings outside the Green Zone as the token listing of the week.  Most of the discussions veer off from the featured property to subjects like whether front load is better than top load washer.

Gin and Tacos is probably the type of site my college newspaper editor would write if he had a blog and tons of free time because he was teaching political science in Peoria.  I think Ed started it out with a group of people and he is the only one left.  Not sure how I came across it but he

I have no idea how I came across Star Wars Anonymous but I'm glad I did.  I've made friends with the blogger and enjoy how she managed to find something Star Wars related well before The Force Awakens was even on the horizon.

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