Monday, December 26, 2016

Post Christmas from Michigan Post

We are in Michigan once again for the annual Christmas get-together with Nightingale's family.  We had a rough trip up here this time for a couple of reasons.  First, my mom who has been sick for over a month finally went to her doctor at the last possible minute and got put in the hospital ICU because she has pneumonia.  We told her to go sooner but she was too stubborn to listen.
No sleep til Grosse Pointe!

Naturally this screwed with our plans.  We had taken Thursday off in order to pre-pack and get ready for the trip.  But since she was in the hospital we had to devote a few hours to feeding her cats, moving her car and bringing her a change of clothes.  This cut into our kid-free time and we were too exhausted to pack Thursday night after they finally went to bed.

The next day we got off a little later than we wanted.  We made excellent time because the roads were clear and weather was nice.  However, in our rush to leave, I forgot to put Nightingale's suitcase in the car.  We did not discover this until we got to Grosse Pointe!

Also, Natasha decided not to take a nap in the car ride until the very last hour when she literally passed out from exhaustion.  The kids sleep cycle has been totally out of whack this entire trip, though Boris has at least gone down for a nap a few times.

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